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wokring کاروبار کا حساب - آنلا ئن کریں Cloud Based
Accounts &
Inventory Software.
Technology brings together the core business functions of an organization efficiently and effectively
آسان حساب ۔ آسان کاروبار Cloud Based
Accounts &
Inventory Software.
Technology brings together the core business functions of an organization efficiently and effectively
Transform & Grow
Your Business.
Prime Ledge is an all-in-one solution that helps you run your business on the go with advanced encryption to keep your data protected. Technology brings together the core business functions of an organization efficiently and effectively

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Businesses need an efficient solution to compete and win in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world. Our enterprise resource planning solution helps you grow, innovate, and optimize your resources to achieve greater results.We provide resourceful technology to deliver future-proof value. Give an instant boost of positivity to your bottom line with an advanced, efficient, and reliable solution.
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Slide Working with Prime Ledge has been a great experience. They quickly learned our line of business, adapted to our requirements and has consistently performed well. They've also gone above and beyond their duty. They're reliable. A wonderful partner. Shahid Iqbal , CEO ALKHIDMAT FOUNDATION Slide Prime Ledge has useful features that help us to track and manage our products into the business. With a single view of the product, inventory, and finance across all channels has significantly helped us to increase our sales more than ever Naveed Ahmed, CEO SHAHEEN TRADERS Slide
We are customers of Prime Ledge from years and we establish strong profitable relationship with not only our existing customers but we also build a strong relationship with our new customers in less time.
Kashif Chaudhry , CEO Mian Internantional
Slide Prime Ledge has been the key part of digitization for our business. It has helped to optimize our supply chain and paved a remarkable road to our business success. I am really satisfied with their consistent and supportive customer support Hafiz Hamid , CEO Five Star Plastic Slide I haven't ever did think that PRIME LEDGE ERP would allow me to conduct the company for which I work in administrative operations. The most important of all are the comprehensive modules used to manage tasks by this software. Nabeel Nisar , CEO Sehar Cooking Oil Slide Prime Ledge has been a resourceful asset for our business to stay ahead in the journey of competition. Through its analytical features, it has helped us to better grip on the costs of our resources with a better view of which products are actually profitable for us Babar Munir , CEO Naveed Munir Dying Slide I am a customer of Prime ledge and further we also have customers so we also need to satisfy our customer with our services. Satisfaction is considered as an outcome of purchase and use, resulting from the buyers . Rana Naveed , CEO DESIRE FASHION Slide Thanks to a single database, all information about the client is in one place, and at any time we can determine his exact profile and interest in a particular product. We now close 9 out of ten sales deals we have. Qasim Abbas , CEO PWSAHF Slide Prime ledge is an essential factor of my organization now, thoughts and wants change with time and by their support we get everything within time. We experienced satisfaction with each interaction. Yasir Ejaz , CEO SAIBAAN Slide It’s always been win-win situation while working with Prime ledge and its team. Customer satisfaction levels are determined and influenced by many elements, not all relating directly to the service encounter. It’s been a wonderful experience till now . Shahid Bhutta , CEO 4home Sourcing

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For many companies, moving their IT infrastructure and software to the cloud reduces the need for in-house support structure and saves the cost of server hardware. Cloud-based ERP can be easier to scale functionality and users either up or down as required. And, it can often make it easier to share information across regions or locations.  We’re one of the few software providers that offers flexibility for our customers and still provides on-premise ERP solutions. We help you choose based on your unique organizational requirements.

Success of course depends on the goals you want to achieve. Many companies measure return on investment in terms of cost and time savings achieved when automating manual work, and gaining visibility into potential bottlenecks. Some look at the value of reduced risks and improved corporate governance. The potential ROI can be seen in a wide variety of departments and processes.

In general, yes - but you should always make sure your accounting software provider is well-established and trustworthy, with a good track record.

Reputable cloud software providers invest a lot of time and money in security, because their reputations depend on keeping customer data safe.

Make sure your provider uses data encryption (usually called 'SSL encryption'), and search online to make sure they're well established and haven't suffered any major security breaches.

There are no hidden costs of PRIME LEDGE ERP software. The charges will be explicitly explained in writing during the sales process. There is a one-time cost for the overall software, an ongoing implementation cost during the implementation stage, and an overall support fee. Other fees include any customizations you require us to perform, such as specific fields that need to be created in your implementation of PRIME LEDGE Software.

Analysts report that companies too often only compare implementation and maintenance fees while preparing for their ERP projects. However, this approach falls dangerously short as it neglects the biggest cost driver in ERP: Change. When evaluating ERP providers, it's smart to include the Total Cost of Change (TCC), which measures the cost of making changes to the ERP system to meet business needs in the longer term. When applying a holistic view of all costs, including the Total Cost of Change, the value you get with abas ERP is unrivaled. Our flexible technology and implementation strategy reduce the need for maintenance, modifications and configuration, ensuring all costs are transparent and can be calculated years in advance.

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Securely keep, manage, and configure data across all your devices. Run your business in the cloud-based solution whenever and wherever you want. 

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